Meet the Owner

I’ve started my wine touring company as a way to share my passion for the area I live. To provide the guest’s with local knowledge of wine, history and farming of the great area I call home.

I’m a Midwest native and have been living in the wine country for 30 years. My background is in retail management and for the last 12 years I’ve been running a restaurant service business.

Being in the restaurant service business I’ve been able to meet great chefs and wine industry folks.  For the last 5 years I’ve been working  on building many great relationships with wineries. I’m also a home wine maker and I have Syrah grape vines on my property that I tend. Its fun making and sharing wine with family and friends.

Group of Cuvee Wine country tour members enjoying their wine tasting experience in wine country.

My goal is to provide my guest with a great wine country experience. I’m the sole operator and your guest will be getting me as their tour educator. Since, I’ve lived in the wine country for the past 30 years I’ve built great relationships with not just wine makers but also vineyard owners.

As we know we can not have world class wines without world class farmers. When I tour I give my guests the local feel and want them to see both the farming and the wine making side of the industry.

In my tours I’ll stay with the guest through the whole experience and act as there concierge for the day which will include professional grade photo’s, light snacks and water. The tours usually last about 6 hours which would include 3-4 wineries depending on the wineries experiences.